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we are looking for Graphic design and marketing assistants for a project; 
the game lab - hackathon concept with themes of vr/ar, gaming etc.

The Game Lab is a hackathon organized by METES in which the mission is to facilitate more interdisciplinary collaboration. The concept will evolve around themes such as virtual reality, augmented reality and game development.  
The first Game Lab will take place in the fall of 2022 and will enable students to innovate and conduct project work in collaboration with companies that METES partners up with. The project is seeking possibilities in connecting ICT students with other entrepreneurial students, aiming to create ready concepts and base for future startups.  

Volunteer description: We are looking for keen and self-driven graphic design and marketing students ready to think outside the box and upscale their artistic and strategic ways. The fundamental goal is to develop the outlooks and main advertising and marketing strategy of the Game Lab, taking place in the fall of 2022.


For graphic designers, the main tasks include helping out our lead designer by creating posters, banners, marketing materials and such, following our visual guidelines.

For marketing people, the main tasks include market research, developing a marketing plan for different social media platforms, managing the event's social media accounts and handling internal and external communication.

You will also be working closely with our other groups withing the Game Lab team as well as METES itself.

Why join: This is a great opportunity to improve yourself as an artist and develop your marketing skills future-wise. You will also gain valuable networks and visibility with our partners. During the project, you can earn anywhere from 1-10 ECTS, for example as your elective course. Please note that this must be individually approved and organized with your study coordinator and/or teacher at the beginning. 27 hours of work is equivalent to 1 ECTS.  


You will join a multicultural team providing you with a unique experience and being a part of an entrepreneurial community.  
If you become interested in this position, please send a free form application why you would be a great add in our team and any possible previous work that you have done during your free time or for school. A whole ready portfolio is not required. 

For further questions, please contact Joona Kamu, the project manager for Game Lab 2022. 
Joona Kamu