The shift towards futuristic platforms like the metaverse – are Decentralized Automated Organizations (DAO:s) the future of this emerging era? Here's a sneak peek into the topic of our latest Creative Tech Afterwork event.


Could DAO:s provide a community-based model for work rather than just being for profit, with a more socially-conscious structure designed to help individuals everywhere prosper instead of focusing only on the desires of large shareholders? What does this all mean to content creators, artists, developers, entrepreneurs or even students? New opportunities, self-organized projects and initiatives, teams and earning models?


Hot topics as such were covered during our first Creative Tech Afterwork which was held on the 11th of May 2022, showcasing Martin Wichmann - Blockchain and Web 3.0 professional and Youssef Gabsi - Co-founder of MetaGameHub DAO, as our speakers.

"Internet-native “digital companies” – is how Wichmann described DAOs, having rules of the company enforced by code and the act of complete governance over decisions/proposals/votings done by all members. In this way DAOs are considered to be not only effective but also a safe way to work with likeminded individuals regardless of their location.

Martin Wichmann

A valuable example of how this would affect freelancing work was given by Gabsi: as DAOs are trusted with smart contracts, there is transactional dependency. Only after a smart contract has been established between a freelancer and client, and a project has met the contract's systematic requirements, will the prospect of payments go through.

Insights of ways DAOs change the model of work that is ingrained in today's world is something that we all would like to get a deeper understanding of, hence we are extremely thankful for our speakers for this event series kick-off, and excited for everyone soon getting together again in our next event.

BE THERE for our next Creative Tech Afterwork held at the end of August with a new topic of interest! CTA is a monthly event where we will help YOU navigate in the realm of Web 3.0.

Bring a friend, make new connections, educate yourself and others!

Hannes Jesar, Tiina Vuorio and Shweta Kad

Youssef Gabsi

Tech, creative and business world impacting -afterwork events are meant to help attendees to navigate through the ongoing movement of digitalization, web 3.0 and decentralized future that is forming ahead of us. Open metaverse, crypto economies, nft:s, blockchain technologies and DeFi. Are they just a buzz or a real opportunity for a new way of value sharing and internet-based organizations that are collectively owned and controlled by their members in the future?

Picture credits: Jose Velasco

Author: Shweta Kad


Welcome back everyone!

An entrepreneur refers to a person who is establishing a new business. The business comes with endless success and failure possibilities. The magic behind entrepreneurs is to be ready to face failures - nevertheless, without a challenge, true accomplishment may never occur.

On 23 March, MetES (Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society) hosted an event regarding the importance of being an entrepreneur. The event took place in Arabia campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Michal Katerinjuk and Sonja Häyhä welcomed all participants on stage - and our beloved guest speaker, Lassi Leppänen educated the wonderful audience in the 2 hour event. Lassi has been a specialist in OP Kevytyrittäjä for several years. The topics covered self-employment, the ways of employing ourselves and the key to understanding aspects of light entrepreneurship.

“Wolt is a great example of the new industries. They are now worth billions.

The online world is bringing different kinds of possibilities along the way. There are other examples such as Uber, Foodora and content creators on social media platforms. Everything is changing rapidly, under some circumstances the age gap between parents and children causes difficulties. For instance, older generations do not use technology as much as the youth.


How to employ yourself?

There are two ways of self-employment: Y-tunnus (personal business ID) and without Y-tunnus. Without Y-tunnus the entrepreneur does not get to deduct some of the costs of business from the revenue. With OP Kevytyrittäjä- service a starting entrepreneur is able to delegate some of the complicating tasks when first time validating business concept. OP Kevytyrittäjä provides help for tax applications and book-keeping services, which are digital ways of book-keepers or payrolls for individuals. Pricing is complex - the VATs, prepaid taxes, and taxation should be checked or paid for the whole year; OP Kevytyrittäjä offers paperwork and billing services for companies, leaving the newly-found entrepreneur concentrating on the most important aspect: their passion!

“You can be a dentist but still be a photographer on the weekends.” Lassi mentions.


What are the benefits of having a business-ID?

* Tax returns

* VAT deductions

* VAT reliefs for small business

* Possibility for startup grants support from TE-keskus

To become an entrepreneur, it is not required to have a higher degree in entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, market research is obligated to be done to decrease failure possibilities. The customer needs, the target market, competition, and procedure are some of the points to be investigated. Additionally, the calculations of expenses (book-keepers, invoicing platforms, licenses and insurances) are extremely important.

Starting a business is not an easy thing to do: it comes with endless possibilities of outcomes. However, with the help of OP Kevytyrittäjä, the process is much more likely to be smoother. The crucial step is to actually START!

“Do not underestimate yourself.”

Lassi Leppänen perfectly summarizes the event with the quote.

If an individual believes in themself, great success is inevitable. Sometimes bad experiences occur, and the entrepreneur might not be able to do their pricing flawlessly at first. If the individual is determined regardless of the negative circumstances, accomplishments arise. Learning from mistakes belongs to the process! Let's be fearless during our journeys!


Along with all of this amazing information, MetES served food and drinks to enjoy the time being during the event.

Author: Feyza Kocer

Hello all! Mika and Shweta here, the new content and marketing leads for Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society.

Last November in the annual Fall Meeting, Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society (MetES) community voted for a new board. In this blog post you will find out about what Entrepreneurship Societies are, what is MetES, a little bit about our orientation weekend and what projects are coming this year with us!

What the heck are ES’s?

Entrepreneurship Societies are organizations run mostly by student’s who are entrepreneurs, interested in entrepreneurship, interested in self-development or fascinated in getting experience on different topics of business development.

ES’s create entrepreneurship, business and self-development related events, workshops programs and content. They also offer like-minded people a community to spar business ideas, develop skills, make friends and have fun. Finnish ES ecosystem is strong, and there are various other ES’s around the country - MetEs is one of them, established in the spring of 2020. MetES is part of the 3ES alliance with LaureaES and XES.

ES’s are most commonly open and free for people to join for membership, volunteering and other responsibilities.

New board new year

From the 15th to the 16th of January, the MetES board of 2022 had an onboarding weekend in Villa Suvelan. There are loads of talent and ES experience on this board, and we have big plans for the upcoming year where we can’t wait to invite you all to participate!

The two day onboarding started on Saturday, when Hannes Jesar - a long time advisor (in other words the godfather :D) of MetES - introduced the board how Entrepreneurship Societies work and told a brief history of how the ES scene began, Finnish ESs and MetES. The board reviewed this year’s main projects, and the first workshop ended with an insightful team working exercise called the Marshmallow challenge.

The rules of the Marshmallow challenge are easy; in 18 minutes, a group can use 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, and one yard of string, and one marshmallow to build the tallest structure with the marshmallow on the top.

On Sunday, the board 2022 reviewed the strategy and roles for the upcoming year. Luckily the talent is sky-rocketing and ES experience on this board, and a variety of roles and responsibilities were filled.

Here’s our board members and their roles this year. 😍

Glimpse about what is coming up in MetES 2022

For this year MetES has tremendous amounts of new and thrilling projects as well as events coming up to raise the activeness in our community.

MetES will be continuing it's the wonderful alliance with LaureaES and XES. Our plans are to create even more meaningful event concepts and workshops for our stunning members. Unreal Meetup will return as a concept, and the alliance is designing a bigger concept for the future – magic upcoming!

Monthly meetups will also be organized to maintain a strong relationship with our members and to update them with our everly ongoing happenings. For each month we will have different agendas and workshops planned. For example; karaoke, pool, pitching competitions, public speaking, photography, how to better your CV/Linkedin profile and much more. Snacks and drinks will be served so be sure to join us ;-)

MetES is seeking collaborations with startups that are offering internships and providing consulting for business concepts. We are also partnered with Metropolia pre-incubator program, Turbiini, which supports early phase startup in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, while also acting as an in-house business incubator for student-driven business ideas of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

What’s next!?

Moving on to the task at hand, our next new upcoming workshop will be hosted on the 23rd of March at Helsinki XR Center, with a collaboration with OP Group and Op Kevytyrittäjä (OP Light Entrepreneurship). Tickets will be available next week!

While the OP Light Entrepreneurship is a service that helps you set up your own business for example by handling paperwork, keeping the accounts and doing tax returns for you, applying for a business ID on your behalf, giving you the ability to become a private trader and entitling you to value-for-money benefits and having specialists advise you on entrepreneurship.

A specialist by the name of Lassi Leppänen will be joining us and holding an interactive workshop on all of these topics mentioned to setting up your own business.

We aim to host workshops for our community monthly, related to self-development and concrete skills. Our eagerness to see you for our OP workshop and develop our entrepreneurship skills together is indescribable. Upcoming planned themes evolve around NFTs, DAOs, Web 3.0 and other entrepreneurial communities, so stay tuned for that as well!

Make sure to stay updated on all of our happenings by subscribing to our monthly newsletter through our membership which is available in Kide app; and our social media which will be linked below :D

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Authors: Mika Leminen & Shweta Kad

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