Creative Tech Afterwork - NEWSFLASH: Entering the Realm of Web 3.0

The shift towards futuristic platforms like the metaverse – are Decentralized Automated Organizations (DAO:s) the future of this emerging era? Here's a sneak peek into the topic of our latest Creative Tech Afterwork event.


Could DAO:s provide a community-based model for work rather than just being for profit, with a more socially-conscious structure designed to help individuals everywhere prosper instead of focusing only on the desires of large shareholders? What does this all mean to content creators, artists, developers, entrepreneurs or even students? New opportunities, self-organized projects and initiatives, teams and earning models?


Hot topics as such were covered during our first Creative Tech Afterwork which was held on the 11th of May 2022, showcasing Martin Wichmann - Blockchain and Web 3.0 professional and Youssef Gabsi - Co-founder of MetaGameHub DAO, as our speakers.

"Internet-native “digital companies” – is how Wichmann described DAOs, having rules of the company enforced by code and the act of complete governance over decisions/proposals/votings done by all members. In this way DAOs are considered to be not only effective but also a safe way to work with likeminded individuals regardless of their location.

Martin Wichmann

A valuable example of how this would affect freelancing work was given by Gabsi: as DAOs are trusted with smart contracts, there is transactional dependency. Only after a smart contract has been established between a freelancer and client, and a project has met the contract's systematic requirements, will the prospect of payments go through.

Insights of ways DAOs change the model of work that is ingrained in today's world is something that we all would like to get a deeper understanding of, hence we are extremely thankful for our speakers for this event series kick-off, and excited for everyone soon getting together again in our next event.

BE THERE for our next Creative Tech Afterwork held at the end of August with a new topic of interest! CTA is a monthly event where we will help YOU navigate in the realm of Web 3.0.

Bring a friend, make new connections, educate yourself and others!

Hannes Jesar, Tiina Vuorio and Shweta Kad

Youssef Gabsi

Tech, creative and business world impacting -afterwork events are meant to help attendees to navigate through the ongoing movement of digitalization, web 3.0 and decentralized future that is forming ahead of us. Open metaverse, crypto economies, nft:s, blockchain technologies and DeFi. Are they just a buzz or a real opportunity for a new way of value sharing and internet-based organizations that are collectively owned and controlled by their members in the future?

Picture credits: Jose Velasco

Author: Shweta Kad