Daniele Guadagnolo - an enthusiastic activist who brought LCOY to Italy

In this blog, we are very excited to share Daniele Guadagnolo’s thoughts on sustainability and sustainable eating that we gained from an insightful interview with him.

Daniele is the co-founder of Change For Planet: a youth-led NGO aimed to raise awareness on sustainability and climate change based in Florence, Italy.

He is highly interested in diplomacy and human rights. He is also volunteering at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Youth (UNCTAD Youth) as Youth Leader / Communication Specialist and for the United Nations Major Group Child Youth in his free time.

Daniele Guadagholo and the journey of becoming the co-founder of Change For Planet

Daniele is 22 years old, he has been a young professional based in Milan with a true passion for marketing, communications and international relations and a keen social media user who aims to inspire as many people as possible through meaningful messages, both on the private and public sector.

He graduated in Economics and Business from the University of Milano Bicocca with a dissertation on sustainability applied to green marketing and communication. In addition, his studies also involved in International Organizations Management from the University of Geneva, Sustainable Development Goals from the University of Copenhagen and Digital Marketing from Google.

During Daniele’s studies, he had the chance to work in the marketing and communication sector of various companies in Europe like Bayer, Philips and FlixBus. He also worked as a content creator for The Huffington Post US.

His first international experience in the field of climate and policy was when he worked in an international company in Italy. At UNFCCC UN 's COP24, he was invited to be in charge of an event for a youth association and, after the first stage of getting himself familiar with the job, he realized that it wouldn't be the only job he could have. That single week radically changed his mind. He started thinking about how to be more involved in the field of sustainability and climate change.

His journey in sustainability started in 2019. It was 2018 when he had his very first journey to the field of climate diplomacy. He brought LCOY – Local Conference Of Youth, to Italy and it was a huge success. The LCOY is a conference on climate change organized by the youth, with the youth, for the youth. LCOY, which was promoted by YounGO within UNFCCC, aims at preparing youth to participate in the global conference of youth, educating people on the climate issues, creating a network, and creating local, national and international proposals.

Daniele has worked with many young people, students, and workers, coming from different parts of Italy and with different backgrounds created LCOY 2019 (the first LCOY of Italy). In 2019, he met 180 young people and they started to discuss climate changes and sustainability. All the ideas that were brought up were collected and written down on a piece of paper and will be sent to LCOY. Change For Planet is a youth-led NGO aimed to raise awareness on sustainability and climate change. There are 10 co-founders of Change For Planet, the majority of which are the people from LCOY.

Change For Planet is meant to raise awareness on sustainability and climate change, what are the company's goals and main working areas?

At the moment, the main goal is to raise awareness on climate change and sustainability. It is basically the online version of what we did in the LCOY.

“Our goals is to pass the message of sustainability and climate change for the younger age. But in the near future we have a plan to deliver the message to different generations. Our future goal is to expand in more cities in Italy and in different countries.“ - Daniele

During the events that Change For Planet organized, the goal is set to prepare a paper full of different ideas from the participants. The events are open to everyone and to anyone who are willing to share their thoughts and ideas.

For online events, the number of participants usually depends on the date but on average 15 to 30 people. The average age is mainly a range from 18 to 30. Although the speakers in the events are experienced people, thus the average age is higher comparing to the participants, Change For Planet always tries to explain in a fun way because their target group focused on young people.

What is the concept of sustainability and how would you define sustainable eating?

Sustainability in Daniele’s opinion is one of the most important topics of our times.

“Sustainable development is the idea that human societies must live and meet their needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs”.

Sustainable food is a topic that he tries to follow daily, according to him, advice for the sustainable diet is listed in three points:

1. Choose plant-based food.

2. Always buy seasonal food.

3. Try to avoid packages such as plastic bags when doing grocery shopping.

Daniele believes that nowadays it is not only the individuals responsibility to be sustainable but also the bigger companies’ responsibilities. So, to encourage sustainable eating, the companies have to provide options and replacements for the consumers, provide more information about the goods as well as change the packaging system is required.

What are your biggest concerns about climate change and food industry?

The younger generation is more sensitive about the climate, sustainability and nowadays people can boycott companies that do not meet the consumers' needs. The younger generation tends to buy more sustainable goods even if it's more expensive because they are aware of what is happening to the environment and the effect of sustainability on the long term.

Companies have to take into consideration social listening which is the ability of the companies to gather information from the social media, comments for example. Fully listening to their customers and every action is believed to bear a consequence for the short and long term.

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