How to start an innovation program with The Lab

As a dynamic and devoted team, The Lab always searches for challenges. So, if you are searching for a professional team with a problem-solving mindset to give you and your company a concrete vision of future innovations, we are your best choice!

A company that comes to The Lab core team to call for new visions, ideas and solutions. By

strategically capitalizing on the existing wealth of knowledge, experience and capacities of

the company, the Core Team works in adherence to grow the practices and values of the

client to provide solutions based on sustainability and inclusion. In addition, the client has the

opportunity to draw knowledge and experience from the Project Team to meet the future

needs and wants of the younger generations.

The Lab is a nurturing place to develop research on innovative ideas. As a company, you can customize your requirements and submit it to our team, we work with you to explore that idea, and then give you the options and proposals on how we will do the research. Learn more about The Lab on "How we operate" and "Why you should choose us as a research partner"

Here you can find a detailed, easy-to-follow instructions on how to register for an innovation program with The Lab

Step 1: Information where to contact, where to fill a form

First thing first, we're glad that you found us and are interested in cooperating with us. In this step, you just need to fill in a short form here so that we have a general idea of your company's profession, focus, products. More importantly, we would love to get a brief description of your requirements and expectation when working with us.

Step 2: First meeting with our Core team

The Core team is the spirit and soul of The Lab, consisting of dedicated people who love to hear your story. In this meeting, you'll be working with Tanja Drca, the founder of The Lab. She is a health-tech engineer, who has worked with various major hospitals around Nordic cities. Her fearless heart belongs to be involved with innovations, coordinated problem-solving and courageous motivation practises for her team. Contact Tanja

  1. Call: 044 975 2533

  2. Whatsapp

  3. Email:

Alongside Tanja, Sonja Häyhä, an entrepreneurial-minded marketeer and sales pro coordinates the program and teams. She studies International business in Metropolia and currently working in Norders Agency as a Sales Director. Contact Sonja

  1. Call: 044 010 0557

  2. Whatsapp: 044 010 0557

  3. Email:

During the meeting, we will hear your wishes for development. You may visualize your plan on the new innovation that is planned to be implemented in the future. You may show us your expectations, targets and what questions you want us to help answer. Then our Core team will define the need for innovation and the scope of the project based on the requirements and information you gave us.

Step 3: Our offer

Our Core team will introduce the offers customized specifically for your project, based on the scope and expected workload. We want to make the offer after hearing your wishes so that we can design the plan and make adjustments accordingly. Once you accept the offer, we will move on to the next step.

Step 4: Kicking-off

After accepting the offer, the rest of the project will be carefully taken care of by The Lab team. We will clearly define the responsibilities, schedule,

targets and make sure that the plans and deadlines are strictly followed. Then, we will have a kick-off meeting with the teams, presenting the goals, plans and responsibilities. Finally, when every preparation is done and the project has been strategically divided into cycles to assure the best performance, we will start launching the first cycle.

During the project, we consider transparency the most important factor in cooperation, that is why every step of ours, every plan, procedure and result will be updated regularly with your company, making sure that the communication is performing well to keep the work flowing smoothly.

Does this sound interesting to you? Don't hesitate to contact us! Follow @thelabinnovation to keep up with research and interesting updates.