Illuminating thoughts - Unreal Meetup

Hello you! Did you miss the Unreal meetup? Well, here is a recap just for you (And join us next time, we promise an awesome time and great discussions ! )

After the welcoming words from our awesome host BEN, who is the community Developer of the Lab and Metes, participants were divided into breakout rooms for 10-minute small group discussions to debate, share and discuss around one question. We repeated that sequence three times, every time meeting new people, and discussing the next topic. All to tell that our little grey cells were on fire!

The topic of this event was brought up by the LAB. To make it short, it is a figurative laboratory where the company's challenges are broken into particles and turned into truly impactful, innovative science-backed solutions. (Come and read our previous post to find out more about the Lab).

The Lab's first challenge is How will we eat in Europe in 2030? Their team came up with three questions to challenge our participants' thought processes.

''Have you changed your eating habits in the last few years due to personal, health, or environmental reasons?''

A minority shared that they did not change their diets at all. That in fact, they enjoy their way of eating, and they find it sustainable for themselves. How they eat aligns with their cultural background, how they were raised, or previously formed habits. On the opposite, the majority stated that they have changed their diets, some several times even. Every single person had their own story and reasons for doing so. To sum it up, some changed their diet to feel healthier, eat richer foods, satisfy specific health conditions. Others were concerned by climate change and made small scale actions like Ben shared:'' I stopped eating canned Tuna, I don't miss eating it’’. Some became vegetarian or vegan, others consume only local and organic products. Financial reasons are another aspect that affects food choices. Some became vegetarian because it was more affordable others stated the exact opposite.

‘’What do you think will be the biggest food innovation to happen in the next 10 years?’’

Concerning innovations, we could have gone for hours as our imagination pondered the possible in 10 years. We discussed Lab meats, Vertical agriculture, crickets, aquaculture, algae, personalized nutrition, 3D printed foods... and MORE. All these ideas were challenged upon the third question:

''We value products that are organic, local, and less processed. What innovation could help us achieve these values?'' It is difficult to associate innovation and those values since they seem to be on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, it did not stop us from wondering:

Horizontal agriculture in Urban areas could optimize space and provide locally produced goods. Associated with genetically manipulated foods, it could enable growing bananas in Finland for example. Both innovations could decrease pollution and environmental hazard caused by shipping across the world. Another interesting idea is to create an app for farmers to share what kind of food they have and want to distribute. Which enables households to track farmer's leftovers and therefore reduce food waste.

In conclusion, awesome discussions, lots to learn, brilliant minds, and great company. After an hour of intense brainstorming, all participants got to hang out aka SOCIALIZE.

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