Here is a small introduction of out most amazing research team for The Lab project about food consumption in Europe in 2030. We are proud of our team that consist of many students and graduates from all around Finland. Let's meet the research team!


Hello 👋 I'm Hannele Toivonen from Finland and I'm part of the research team. I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from the University of Jyväskylä. In the autumn I will start my master's studies in the University of Helsinki, in a programme called Environmental Change and Global Sustainability. 🌍

My favourite food is Nepalese momos. 😋

Fun Fact: I have a curious mind. I enjoy learning new ways to think, discovering different places and knowing people from different backgrounds. 🤓


Hei 👋 I'm Dorcas from Lagos Nigeria. I studied Research Chemistry at the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu.

Fun fact about me... I often make weird faces in pictures🤪 Favorite emoji is hmmm🤔

I'm working with the research team and it's has been a pleasant experience.


My name is Bolutife Ilori and I am currently doing my masters’ at the University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus.

I am studying Environmental Health and Technology and I work in METES Research Team.

I don’t have a specific favorite food.

I love to explore and visit new places.


Hi, Im Mariana, I am from Brazil and am currently doing my masters in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics.

My favourite food to eat is my mom's coconut pudding with strawberries, which I tried making, but hers always taste better.

A fun fact, I am unable to blink only one eye, twist my tongue or snap my fingers, and I am always impressed when people do them in such ease.


Hi! I’m Kanitta, I’m from Thailand and now studying at LUT university for sustainability science and solutions.

I love to eat spicy food of course 🌶🌶 and yes Thai food/Asian food 😊

Fun fact about is that I’m quite introvert but if I getting to know someone I’m very friendly and easy going 😎 I’m up for outdoor activities like biking & chilling and do some sport (also winter sports like snowboarding) 🥰🏂


Hello! My name is Daniela, and I am from Mexico! I am studying MSc in Molecular Systems Biology at University of Turku.

I love tacos, specially if the are bathed in green sauce (salsa verde 💚) and I also love pasta!

As a fun fact, I collect coffee mugs. I even have one with a bell! Sadly, they are all in Mexico but I’m starting my collection here in Finland! 😂💙


She has a background in Futures Studies and Sustainable Development. She loves Asian noodle soups.

As she is lazy at cooking, she prefers steamed food or simple recipes so that cooking won't "eat" too much of her time.

Surprisingly, she eats quite a lot when she has nothing to do. And she eats so little when cycling long distances.

Here it is, our amazing research team! We welcome you to follow us along on this project also in Instagram @thelabinnovation! :)