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An entrepreneur refers to a person who is establishing a new business. The business comes with endless success and failure possibilities. The magic behind entrepreneurs is to be ready to face failures - nevertheless, without a challenge, true accomplishment may never occur.

On 23 March, MetES (Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society) hosted an event regarding the importance of being an entrepreneur. The event took place in Arabia campus of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Michal Katerinjuk and Sonja Häyhä welcomed all participants on stage - and our beloved guest speaker, Lassi Leppänen educated the wonderful audience in the 2 hour event. Lassi has been a specialist in OP Kevytyrittäjä for several years. The topics covered self-employment, the ways of employing ourselves and the key to understanding aspects of light entrepreneurship.

“Wolt is a great example of the new industries. They are now worth billions.

The online world is bringing different kinds of possibilities along the way. There are other examples such as Uber, Foodora and content creators on social media platforms. Everything is changing rapidly, under some circumstances the age gap between parents and children causes difficulties. For instance, older generations do not use technology as much as the youth.


How to employ yourself?

There are two ways of self-employment: Y-tunnus (personal business ID) and without Y-tunnus. Without Y-tunnus the entrepreneur does not get to deduct some of the costs of business from the revenue. With OP Kevytyrittäjä- service a starting entrepreneur is able to delegate some of the complicating tasks when first time validating business concept. OP Kevytyrittäjä provides help for tax applications and book-keeping services, which are digital ways of book-keepers or payrolls for individuals. Pricing is complex - the VATs, prepaid taxes, and taxation should be checked or paid for the whole year; OP Kevytyrittäjä offers paperwork and billing services for companies, leaving the newly-found entrepreneur concentrating on the most important aspect: their passion!

“You can be a dentist but still be a photographer on the weekends.” Lassi mentions.


What are the benefits of having a business-ID?

* Tax returns

* VAT deductions

* VAT reliefs for small business

* Possibility for startup grants support from TE-keskus

To become an entrepreneur, it is not required to have a higher degree in entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, market research is obligated to be done to decrease failure possibilities. The customer needs, the target market, competition, and procedure are some of the points to be investigated. Additionally, the calculations of expenses (book-keepers, invoicing platforms, licenses and insurances) are extremely important.

Starting a business is not an easy thing to do: it comes with endless possibilities of outcomes. However, with the help of OP Kevytyrittäjä, the process is much more likely to be smoother. The crucial step is to actually START!

“Do not underestimate yourself.”

Lassi Leppänen perfectly summarizes the event with the quote.

If an individual believes in themself, great success is inevitable. Sometimes bad experiences occur, and the entrepreneur might not be able to do their pricing flawlessly at first. If the individual is determined regardless of the negative circumstances, accomplishments arise. Learning from mistakes belongs to the process! Let's be fearless during our journeys!


Along with all of this amazing information, MetES served food and drinks to enjoy the time being during the event.

Author: Feyza Kocer