Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society Ry (METES) has launched a new innovation method called The Lab, which enables students and professionals to innovate and conduct research work together with a client company during the summer and fall of 2021. The first pilot project is carried out together in collaboration with one of the biggest, global and ambitious Finnish company. It all starts with a business challenge. Any company that has a need for innovation, development or problem solving can submit their challenge to The Lab. The first ever Lab project is carried out in three cycles, where the first one consists of information collection and research. The second cycle is the solution phase, where different solution models are evaluated together with professionals. In the last phase, potential solutions are reviewed and analyzed by the target group and professionals. The Lab project ends with a comprehensive report presented to the client. In the end, the company will get a comprehensive analysis of the problem in addition to truly impactful solution models.

The first challenge accepted in The Lab is: How will we eat in Europe in 2030?

The fundamental goal of this project is to develop and gain understanding of what food culture will be in 2030 from the perspective of the uprising generation.

The Lab is managed by project managers, but the actual innovation work is carried out by different professionals who are recruited or selected to take part to the project. METES is currently recruiting students to participate in the project between May and September of 2021. Participants have the chance to create their own schedule and collect 5 to 10 credits when discussed separately with a study coordinator. After the project each participant will recieve a diploma for their participation. METES wants to offer an interesting project with the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds and gain important project working experience while solving important problems.