The Lab June & July update - Research team is working on the interviews

Today’s blog post will all be about the progress of Research team on interviewing many people whose jobs are related to the food industry. The main purpose of the interview was to have an insightful conversation with them, understand their mindsets as well as notice whether there is a difference in how they expect the food innovation to be. Moreover, as interviewees are divided into several categories, there will be a set of questions specifically designed to know more deeply how engaged they are in the shift to a more sustainable and innovative eating habit.

Interview questions

The team understood that it would be more effective to design interview questions differently based on their background. That was why their first step of the process was to divide the team into four groups. Each group was responsible to interview one target interviewee group, including designing the questions, searching for suitable individuals/organizations, interviewing, and analyzing the answers collected. The interview groups and Research team members who were in charge is listed as below:

A (Influencers ) Daniela, Mariana

B (researchers/NGOs) Daniela, Hoa, Hannele

C (CEOs & chefs) Daniela, Bolu, Hannele

D (EU authorities, politicians) Kanitta, Hannele

The team aimed at interviewing people from different parts of Europe, from different backgrounds (Companies, researchers, politicians, farmers, influencers…). However, since interview questions were considered to be a higher priority, they first had a meeting to discuss what they want to know from each group of people and all members can contribute to the question list.

Their goal

When they had done working out the questions, the next step was to look for people that can answer such questions. They wanted to interview 15 – 20 people approximately, so they decided the plan for contacting would be as follow:

A. Influencers – 5 interviews (need to contact at least 15 influencers)

B. researchers/NGOs – 4 interviews (need to contact 12)

C. CEOs and chefs – 5 interviews (need to contact 15)

D. EU authorities/politicians – 2 interviews (need to contact 6)

How they manage the schedule and tasks distribution

The information of interviewees was then added and managed in a shared Excel sheet; the interview questions will also be uploaded as a Word document in Teams so that all team members can easily access it.

The interviews would be scheduled according to the interviewee’s schedule. The interview group is mainly responsible for conducting the interview but if there were not enough group members who can make it to the interview, other people would be asked to help with the interview via Teams.

Interview analysis

  • They mainly use the notes that have been taken during the interview and the recording of the interview was considered to be an important source to make sure that they wouldn’t miss any important information.

  • A template for the interview notes was created

  • The people who had been responsible for the interviewing were mainly responsible for analyzing the interview as well.

@thelabinnovation hopes that this blog has brought you a brief explanation and an image of what has been done during last month and how we manage to implement the tasks according to plans. Keep checking out our posts every week to know our latest findings about sustainability and eating habits in different Europe regions.