The Lab operation - What makes us different?

Now that you know how The Lab programs are formed, we are so excited to tell you more in this blog about what makes us stand out.

The Lab mission is to implement innovation projects for companies that do not have internal innovation development teams. As soon as we take up the project, a well-divided process is followed, making sure that each project is executed in innovation cycles, where each is launched as a catalyst from the previous one. This enables our team to fully contribute to the development project as well as put our best effort to focus on each phase.

What do you get from The Lab?

A project would not be called a success without good team spirit. At The Lab, we always take pride in the whole crew that consists of consultants and students, who have experience in researching and project working. With that being said, our teams are able to efficiently digest and process a whole lot of information related to the development topic and requirements by the client company in a short amount of time. During the program, as the need for innovation is researched, we are able to make use of external niche experts and professionals to boost productivity and time efficiency.

We execute all sorts of projects for all companies. Our clients have a variety of needs and we always start with research. What’s needed? How much can we do? What’s responsible for this lack of innovation? What can we learn from other companies? Through this research, we develop a set of action items that can be implemented by our clients.

Why should you contact us?

The Lab is looking for challenges and projects which offer diverse and interesting possibilities for sustainable growth, ways to research, learn and use creativity for The Lab Project Teams.

The innovative working method can for example be applied for companies which have not yet activated in terms of all sustainable frameworks and therefore, used as a stepping stone towards these values.

The Lab enables students, professionals and companies from different backgrounds, study or professional fields and nationalities to unite as one team and collaborate in innovative working practices. All coordinating, management and project working is communicated in English. For this reason, the project creates several opportunities for foreign students and professionals to gain experience in project working in Nordic manners and values. This experience is anticipated to open doors for any participants and project workers for sustainable employment status in the Nordic countries with, for example, experience, diplomas and scholarships.

Why are we the best choice?

The Lab also introduces freelancer-working across industries by educating about the local and supporting values for entrepreneurship. The Lab is coordinated from Finland, but joining the project does not require living in Finland, since remote working tools and manners allow new projects of The Lab to expand to other countries and continents. Partnerships, universities and collaborations from clients to project working teams and professionals have direct access for joining and recruiting each cycle online. The pilot team (currently 17 people) and weekly meetings are fully managed online with weekly checklists and briefs.

The Lab’s innovation program has welcomed all people regardless of their abilities or disabilities, nationality, location, minorities, and they have all had the same right to be respected as valuable team members. As an example of the successful recruiting process for the research and project management teams, The Lab has 14 different nationalities currently participating in the pilot run. 14 out of 17 people in The Lab pilot team are women.