The Senses

Tingle your senses with The Senses event series to learn new skills!

In this event series we invited inspiring and experienced individuals to teach us about the necessary senses we should have and continue to develop as entrepreneurs. The event series was carried out as a hybrid event in late 2020 and all talks can be found on Youtube.

Tingle your senses

Sense of hearing - public speaking by Salla Nazarenko and Päivi Nikander

Sense of smell - money and funding by Tanja Drca

Sense of touch - self development by Laura Ihatsu

Sense of taste - minimum viable product by Kristoffer Lawson

Sense of seeing - branding by

Sense of hearing - public speaking

Challenge yourself with public speaking - Salla Nazarenko and Päivi Nikander will tell you how!

Päivi has two advanced level university degrees with some 20 years of international work experience of cross-cultural communication in conflict management and dialogue. She has studied and worked in US, Sweden, Spain, Egypt, Syria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Thailand, Yemen, and Kosovo. Through the implementation of four peace settlements, she has also gained experience on engaging people and making messages sound interesting in the complex conflict settings combined with multifaceted, multidirectional change processes with high level of unpredictability, a general lack of information and high potential for misinformation.

Salla is a non-fiction writer, journalist and activist that has worked and studied in six countries and three continents. Currently she is finalizing her PhD on patriotism in Russian and Georgian television for the University of Tampere. She is also the chairperson of Transparency International Finland and a popular lecturer and host on anti-corruption, Russia and the former Soviet Union and many other things from global health to sexuality. She loves theatre and literature and strongly believes in not taking herself too seriously. Cross-Cultural Communication


- Build trust through encouragement and examples

- Be authentic and formulate your message

- Tell your story

This event was part of the Senses livestream series. It was livestreamed 2.11.2020.


Sense of smell - money and funding (lessons learned)

Tanja's background is in healthcare and currently she works in multiple projects as a health technology engineer.

Tanja is going to share her experiences with different situations, where the sense of smell(ing the money) would have been very much needed. From setting up graffiti walls in Helsinki, to developing anti-surveillance service for investigative journalists, she has always found herself in various situations where money - or lack of it - matters.

Lessons learned:

- Show your passion, and money will maybe come as a bonus

- Most of the time even that is not going to be enough ("It's just business")

- Serious money goes to serious companies

- Team, team, team. Team.

- Know when to seek investment, it might not be the right time

This event was part of the Senses livestream series. It was livestreamed 11.11.2020.


Sense of touch - self development

Success is an inside job - In this presentation Laura Ihatsu will be talking about the power of inner work and how we can transform our life by transforming ourselves first.

Laura Ihatsu is an entrepreneur, well-being coach, yoga teacher and Working & Learning Styles Specialist. Her mission is to help people to connect to their true power and create life and success that is deeply fulfilling. During the last five years Laura has spent a lot of time in Asia learning about ancient mind & body practices such as yoga, meditation and breath work. Her work is a combination of these ancient methods and modern science based practices. Laura is also one of the first certified WSA and TSA specialists in Finland.

This is a tool that shows people their biological strengths and qualities as well as conditioned behavioural patterns in a brain level. This analysis helps people to tap into their core skills and understand what makes them fully thrive. In this lecture you will receive inspiration and concrete tools that will help you to grow towards your fullest potential.

The main topics are:

-The power of an intention

-Addressing and tackling limiting beliefs

-How to get to know yourself

-The art of visualisation.

This event was part of the Senses livestream series. It was livestreamed 23.11.2020.


Sense of taste - minimum viable product MVP

Kristoffer Lawson is a serial entrepreneur with a history of challenging the status quo.

He was a founder in the bank disruptor Holvi (exited to BBVA), radical computer company Solu, and most recently the virtual UX assistant company, He has a long background in technology, digging deep into all aspects of a product and how it is presented and launched. He is a regular public speaker and has coached startups at accelerators such as Kiuas, Sampo and Startup Wiseguys.

This event was part of the Senses livestream series. It was livestreamed 30.11.2020.


Sense of sight - branding

Julie Kim the CEO of Branding2Success and Creative Director of Arium Pte.Ltd.

"Branding is the holistic sum of the experiences people have with you or your company." Ever wonder what it takes from having an average product or company to something much more successful? Well Julie Kim shares her Insight on exactly how to do that with branding.

This event was part of the Senses livestream series. It was livestreamed 10.12.2020.


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