Unreal Meetup - For Real Connections

Unreal Meetup is a safe and friendly place to meet, learn and share knowledge with one another. It is an opportunity to socialize and make real-time connections via guided conversations.

Unreal Meetup is developed and powered by the 3AMK Entrepreneurship Society Alliance, Xes Helsinki, LaureaES and Metes. The Alliance is on a mission to expand the reach of entrepreneurship societies and to strengthen the business knowledge base in the capital region of Finland.

Expanding your network can lead to new opportunities: a new business idea, an internship, a co-founder, new friends, mastermind groups... However, due to COVID19 pandemic in-person networking events have been cancelled. There is a need for truly useful networking done in a safe way.

Xes Helsinki, LaureaES and METES are taking turns hosting their networking event once a month with changing topics and discussions.

The Structure

After the welcoming words, participants dive into breakout rooms for 10-minute 1-on-1 or small group discussions. After each 10-minute discussion, we return to the main room and participants are directed to a new room with new people for new discussions. This continues for the duration of the event. It means that everyone has an opportunity to meet and get to know several different people during the meetup.

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