#wearemetes Podcast - Episodes

Welcome to #WEAREMETES podcast. Join our hosts Anu and Ben on their journey through five episodes of interesting entrepreneurship-related stuff.

Episode 1: The Ice-Cream Ladies

On this first episode we talk with two of the Härtelö founders. How is it to start a business from scratch while studying? What the hell are fava beans? Listen to our poddie in Spotify!

Episode 2: Trendy Entrepreneurship

Second episode is out ! On this one we talk about trendy entrepreneurship. Where did this term origin? What is the role of entrepreneurship societies? How has social media molded the whole subject?

Episode 3: Activism or Slacktivism?

This time we dive deep into activism. Has social media allowed us to slack on important causes? How can you be a good activist and where to start? Sharing their personal experiences, our guest Senni Moilanen talks about this important cause.

Episode 4: Self Made

How to build up a career without any education? What it means to grow personally or to find your path? Anu and Ben are discussing the matter of being self made with alcohol industry professional and ambassador Daniel Ronan Haynes.

Episode 5: Rock n Roll Entrepreneurship

It’s time for this season’s final episode! In the studio with Anu and Ben we have the Finnish glamrocker, reality-tv star and entrepreneur Olli Herman who talks about making it on showbusiness. How has COVID-19 changed his views on the future? Listen to this especially if you aim to make music business your future career!

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