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Creative Tech Afterwork 2022 created in collaboration with Turbiini Incubator and HXRC!


We host monthly get-togethers to the members of the community - with special program, snacks or drinks provided! 
In these events, you will have the chance to network and meet other entrepreneurs or entrepreneur-minded students.

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Turbiini x MetES collaboration

Turbiini is a pre-incubator program for students in Metropolia UAS. 
MetES works closely with Turbiini in discovering and providing best services for entrepreneurial students. 


Our community will reveal the main project of 2022 soon!


3D-protective gear

COMING SOON: Main project 2022

Community hangouts


Creative Tech Afterwork

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The Senses is a series of inspiring and educative talks. You can watch them on Youtube.

Event Series

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Welcome to #WEAREMETES podcast. Join our hosts Anu and Ben on their journey through five episodes of interesting entrepreneurship-related stuff.

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As one of the main partners, METES was responsible of recruiting volunteers to moderate and document the unconference sessions.

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Developing 3D-printed protective gear for Finnish healthcare during COVID19 outbreak in 2020.


3D-protective gear


International Healthcare Webinar

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Unreal Meetup is a safe and friendly place to meet, learn and share knowledge with one another.


The Lab

The Lab is a figurative laboratory where company's challenges are broken into particles and turned into truly impactful, innovative science-backed solutions. 

Innovation program

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METES develops various student projects and brings entrepreneurship closer.

Student Projects

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Monthly speaker events hosted with our collaborative companies and associations!

Speaker events

Online Networking